The Importance of Good Fats in Baby Food

We’re on a mission to improve childhood nutrition! Part of that means including good fats in our blends. All of our Stage 2 (7+ month) and older organic baby, toddler and kid blends contain those good fats*. Think avocado, pumpkin seed and coconut milk to name a few. With unique blends, organic ingredients and good fats, we’re here to help ensure your little one is set up for a lifetime of healthy eating!

Why do we incorporate good fats in our recipes? Good fats are essential for growth and act as “nutrient booster.” They aid brain development, are important for healthy bones and organs and can even help maintain a healthy immune system! Good fats account for the bulk of the growth of myelin (a fatty coating on nerve cells that helps baby think quickly) and help fuel the memory and leaning centers of the brain. (1)

Each of the following ingredients help the body absorb vitamins A, D, E and K when combined with fresh fruits and veggies (our specialty!). Our little ones can more effectively absorb fat-soluble vitamins with good fats in their diet. (2)Each blend is carefully planned for optimal nutrition and cold-pressed to lock in the nutrients, taste and texture of farm fresh ingredients.

Benefits of Good Fats in Once Upon a Farm Blends:

  • Coconut Milk is made from the liquid found in mature coconuts. It’s mixed with grated coconut meat and then strained. Coconut milk has lauric acid (the same fatty acid as breastmilk), is rich in fats for brain development and helps with fat soluble vitamin absorption. (3) Organic coconut milk makes our Sun-Shiny Strawberry Patch creamy and adds a smooth texture to our Gold-y Mango & the 3 Coconuts Stage 3 organic baby food blends, Smoothies and Overnight Oats!

  • Pumpkin Seeds are small but mighty! They’re packed with protein and because they don’t have a strong taste or gritty texture, they’re a great plant-based protein for little ones. We use finely ground pumpkin seeds in our Dairy-Free Yogurt and Dairy-Free Smoothies to give them a creamy texture while providing protein for stable energy levels and growing bodies!

  • Avocado is a creamy fruit with monounsaturated fats for brain development and vitamin E for soft skin. We include organic avocado in our Wild Rumpus Avocado and Apple-y Avocado blends!

  • Hemp Seeds contain all essential amino acids such as leucine and fatty acids for growing bodies and with soluble and insoluble fiber, they aid digestion. (6) A balanced diet is part of holistic nutrition that can help your baby feel his or her best! Our Green Kale & Apples blend incorporates these tiny soft seeds.

  • Flax Seeds are a nutrition powerhouse! These tiny seeds have omega-3s to support brain health. (7) We include organic flax seeds in our OhMyMega Veggie blend!

  • Extra Virgin Olive Oil helps with the absorption of Vitamin D and also provides omega-3s for brain health and development. We use EVOO in our Green Bean-y Zucchini veggie blend!

Your little one is growing every day and using the fuel you provide to become bigger, stronger and smarter so remember to incorporate good fats where you can! And when you need a convenient option, we’re here for you making baby food blends as fresh as it gets without making them yourself!

*WIC™ only allows fruits and vegetables in their products, so there is a restriction on any added seeds, oils, spices, etc. Because of this, our WIC™-approved baby food bowls do not contain good fats.


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