Raspberry Dairy-Free Yogurt Subscription

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Handpick a mix of products and save up to 18% on organic cold-pressed snacks delivered to your fridge.

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Red, ripe, sweet-tart raspberries make our pumpkin-seed-based dairy-free yogurt even tastier for little loves. Tiny but mighty pumpkin seeds are whipped to perfection to create our plant-based and protein-packed yogurt with a deliciously smooth texture while added probiotics make it even easier on small stomachs. Farm fresh raspberries blend a touch of sweetness into the mix without any added sugar for a creamy combo your little ones will love.

Our Process

It All Starts on the Farm

We’re growing some of our organic fruits and vegetables on the century-old family farm of our Co-Founder, Jennifer Garner, and sourcing all of our other organic produce from passionate farmers we know and trust.

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