Farmer's Finest Variety Pack

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Handpick a mix of products and save 18% on organic cold-pressed snacks delivered to your fridge.

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Fill your fridge with everything from organic leafy greens and root veggies to good fats and sweet fruits with our Farmer’s Finest 12-pack or 24-pack. This pack contains Fruit & Veggie blends which are for ages 6+ months and Dairy-free Smoothies which are suitable for ages 12+ months. Please note this product is undergoing a packaging change. Packaging may vary. 
    • Nutrition-packed snacks for busy on-the-go kids!
    • Made with whole fruits and veggies for nutrient-rich recipes your family will love.
    • No added sugar‡, preservatives or artificial ingredients.
    • Cold-pressed to lock in nutrients and flavors that kids love.
    • Delicious, homemade taste without the prep and clean-up.
    • Always organic and Non-GMO Project Verified.
    • Refrigerated and ready to enjoy.


  • Green Kale & Apples: Apple*, Banana*, Kale*, Hemp Seed*

    OhMyMega Veggie!: Apple*, Carrot*, Beet*, Ginger*, Flax Seed*

    Wild Rumpus Avocado: Pineapple*, Banana*, Avocado*, Mint*

    Mama Blueberry: Apple*, Sweet Potato*, Blueberry*, Purified Water, Coconut Milk* (Coconut*, Water)

    Strawberry Patch: Strawberry*, Butternut Squash*, Coconut Milk* (Coconut*, Water), Date*, Purified Water, Dragon Fruit*, Sunflower Lecithin*, Vanilla Extract*

    Strawberry Banana Swirl: Strawberry*, Banana*, Apple*, Purified Water, Orange Juice*, Pumpkin Seed*, Date*, Coconut Milk* (Coconut*, Water), Lemon Juice*

    Berry Berry: Apple*, Strawberry*, Purified Water, Blueberry*, Pumpkin Seed*, Date*, Coconut Milk* (Purified Water, Coconut*), Sweet Potato*, Lemon Juice*

    Go-Go Greens: Apple*, Banana*, Purified Water, Pumpkin Seed*, Coconut Milk* (Coconut*, Water), Lemon Juice*, Spinach*, Greens Powder Blend* (Wheatgrass*, Kale*, Spirulina*, Moringa*)


  • Some blends in this pack contain: Coconut. 

    Some of our products contain coconut (coconut is actually a fruit but the FDA treats it as a tree nut as some people may have sensitivities or allergies) so please read the ingredient statement carefully if you have any allergy concerns.

    The facility we use processes tree nuts, egg, dairy, and soy. Care is taken to thoroughly clean all equipment in between each product to prevent the carryover of ingredients.

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It All Starts on the Farm

We’re growing some of our organic fruits and vegetables on the century-old family farm of our Co-Founder, Jennifer Garner, and sourcing all of our other organic produce from passionate farmers we know and trust.

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